Bodega de la Haba Presents Brunch with authors Rob Sedgwick and Kevin O’Hara

Bodega de la Haba Presents Brunch with actor/author Rob Sedgwick and writer Kevin O’Hara at Swift’s Hibernian Lounge, March 3rd, Sunday, 1pm. Lots of lox and laughter are promised at this event. After all, how could there not be with stories from one who did lines of cocaine off priceless antiques while growing up in a house Rothko called ‘The Frick of the West Side’ and had, as dope pusher, the Mexican mob after him. And from the other who traveled around the entire coastline of Ireland with a donkey in tow and by the end of it smelled worse than the donkey although a wee bit more enlightened than the donkey. I’m telling you, laughter and lox! Don’t miss it!

34 East 4th Street between Bowery and Lafayette