Untitled Tension 74

Untitled Tension 73

Untitled Tension 72

Untitled Tension 71

Untitled Tension 70

Rothko's Metaverse

Untitled Tension 69


Tension Maze

Vertical Daydreams

Munich Paddels

Parallel Rivers

Trance Entrance #223

Trance Entrance #222

Japanese Popsicle

Memory of a Warrior

Memory of an Ax

Frontal Lobe of a Butterfly

Tension Locks 327

Tension Locks 326

Tension Locks 325

Tension Locks 324

Tension Locks 323

Tension Locks 322

Tension Locks 321

Desert River

Tears of an Elephant

Animal Spirt

Once a King in Spain

Orange Moon Circling

Sunrise @ Montauk

Fishing with de Kooning in the Hamptons