ABMB 2022

Most Fascinating (Paintings) at ABMB 2022

November 30, 2022

Francis Bacon's Man at a Washbasin at Marlborough Gallery showcases the master painter's prowess and command at his rock-solid absolute best. 

Anne Rothenstein at Stephen Friedman Gallery proves how emotionally impactful the simplicity of line, contour, and shape can be. 

In 100 years, when all the stylized painters of today will be viewed and hung in the same vain as a Watteau or Fragonard, Reginald O'Neil (Spinello Gallery) will be cherished like a Vermeer.  

Who the fuck knew that beneath the strawberry frosted layer cakes and behind the colorful lollipops Wayne Thiebaud was creating other works like the spectacular portrait, Man With A Cigar, at Nahmad Contemporary. 

And Pace Gallery is exhibiting one of Julian Schnabel's latest paintings on velvet. Read an in-depth review of them here: 

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